Hey Hawley. I been up to bogus a couple times. The first time it was a bit sluchy. The second and third they had a lot of powder! I went on the back mountain and forgot how beautiful it was. I sat up on the top mountain and took a few pictures. All the mountains had snow on them. It was amazing. Yesterday I went up, but it was snowy and fogy. So you couldn’t see anything. But still had a lot of fun. Well I just wanted to thank you for my board and free passes. I’m trying to go up everyday. I’m going up alone. No one has called me to get a ride. I guess they don’t want to go up. But that’s OK. I’m having a blast by myself. Alright I’ll see you next Monday Hawley and maybe on Bogus. And again thank you very much. I couldn’t of done it without you.

See You Next Monday