Dear Incentive Supporters,
I want to say thank you guys so much. This program has helped me a lot. First of all, its helped me by wanting to get my grades up to do stuff you help support. I got some new shoes and an outfit with the help. And now I have an A and two B’s. I plan on keeping my grades up not only for the Incentives but mostly for me. I absolutely love being able to go up to Bogus Basin with my class. Its tons of fun and I’ve never had enough money to go myself. I’ve always wanted to go but not enough money. I want to be successful in life but sometimes it’s hard when you’re not motivated to do so. This program help motivate me to do my best and I will keep doing my best until I graduate.

I never really had that cool new scooter when I was little. I always had an old little one that barely worked. It sucked to be honest. My parents are divorced and it’s been really tight on money for the past decade or so. We seem to barley get by. But this program helps my family and I help save some money for more food or something they need. With the new shoes I got, I’ve been going to the gym a lot and working out and running trying to get in shape for football in the spring. Little things can go a long way in a person’s life, including mine; it sure has made an impact. This program helps even more so I’m not just sitting at my house playing video games all day and being lazy. Instead if I get bored I’ll just go ride my bike that you helped me get. Its really a blast going out and doing cool stuff that I haven’t got to do before I came to Boise. Moving here and going to Frank Church definitely helped motivate me to graduate and want to succeed in my life. I want to be a Navy Seal but if that doesn’t work out I want to be a Ultimate Fighter, which is MMA stuff. Or if none of those work I want to be a social worker. Help kids who were like me and need help. It took me awhile to understand what I need to do in life to be successful. Life doesn’t come easy, you have to the hard stuff and sooner or later it will pay off, especially if you work really hard for what you want. And that’s my plan.

I don’t how to thank you, all this help is so generous, it just makes so happy to too be doing something good finally, turning my life around. I’ve always said I would turn it around but you can say something and keep doing the same thing. So now instead of saying it all the time I’m doing it. I believe if I can turn my life around I believe I can do anything I want in life. Again I just want to thank you so much for helping me turn my life around and wanting to strive for my personal best.

-I’m Doing It