Dear incentive Program and Mr. Holly
First and more formal I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to go go to bogus and have the opportunity to accomplish one of my long time goals. Finally to go snowboarding that experience was unbelievable and lots of fun. This program has really motivated me in life and in school not just because we get to go to bogus for free and because Mr. Holly is helping us out by any way he can but because mentally it builds up our mind by showing up to school, getting what needs to be done and to become a better person. Like I said before going up to the mountains and snowboarding relief me a lot from stress. I can take some time to think of what im going to do next. To analyze what’s the next steps to be successful and then act so it can become possible. Also snowboarding gives me a really thrilling rush. I don’t know but by the looks of it snowboarding may be one of my new favorite’s sports and a real nice hobby to do all the time.

Having a full season pass would be real cool because every time im board or need some time to think I can go whenever I want. Also I would also convince all of my friends who have some troubles in life to go up there with me and show them that there’s other ways to have fun and have an open mind toward the world. And also take my family so they can also experience the mountains full of snow and hopfully they would also like it and want snowboarding to become there favorite sport.

This program also gave me a huge relief on the financially area cause I wouldn’t be able to afford going up there cause the drive over there its to expensive, renting the equipment and getting the cloth gear it s way to much for me.

-Huge Relief