Dear Incentive Program Supporters,
I am very appreciative of being able to snowboard at Bogus Basin. Without the help of Mr. Hawley, Bogus Basin, and all the other incentive program supporters I would not even be able to snowboard. In my current living situation I am not exactly struggling but I definitely don’t have the funds to buy a season pass.

I can honestly say snowboarding is best thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve played just about every sport, been many places, done a lot of different things and nothing can beat the feeling I get when I am on the mountain. If I had the transportation means I would be at Bogus every day after school. Snowboarding is my passion and I would love to pursue it.

The Incentive Program is a huge motivation to me. I believe I am a very intelligent individual but throughout school I have gotten bad to fair grades. My only problem has been that I am lazy and lack motivation. Last school quarter I had three c’s and a b. Mr. Hawley told me about the possibility of a pass and trips to Bogus this year. Since then I’ve had b’s I think that’s really saying something.

To me snowboarding is everything. It is my passion. So I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Hawley, Bogus Basin, and all other incentive program supporters.

-Huge Motivation