Dear incentive supporters
You have opened a new chapter in my life I thank you so much for not just helping me out but for helping my fellow class mates. You supporters are doing something great for us high school kids

I want to thank whoever you are for helping me out. I really never had the support like this in a school proper stuff to go to bogus with my friends and class mates. This program gives me something to look forward to it gives me that drive to want to go to school and make sure I’m passing all my classes. I’m finely doing something with my life, I want to go somewhere in life and be some buddy!

I plan on starting my own business this summer, with the help of frank church and their staff, Mr. Hawley and you supporters are the cause of that. People might say frank church kids are bad and that they will not go anywhere in life. I think that’s wrong some kids might have hard time learning or might not fit in, but every kid wants to learn. I don’t care what you say people like MR. Hawley gets in their heads and helps them want to learn and go far in life. If you find something that sparks their attention you got them hooked.

I can’t put it into words how much I appreciate your generosity and want to see us high school kids go somewhere in life. Your kindness will change the world, if kids have this support that will change the future in a significant way this is more powerful then you no. As I’m in this class room doing my work I see many kids come in this school and see their attitude change Mr. Hawley doesn’t just give us any thing we want, he makes us work for it the right way. He gives us that urge; I used to be that kid that didn’t want to do work or want to listen to any one, in my eyes it was my way or no way!!!!

I finely started to grow up now I want to do my work because you put your time in to make your foundation to build your future. Now I listen to what people have to say because you might learn something new to your benefit. This is a life changing experience thank you MR. Hawley, frank church and the Incentive supporters for all you have done.Going

-Somewhere in Life