Dear Mr. Hawley/ Supporters,
I am a senior at Frank Church high school but I’ve also attended three other high schools. You could say I’m a troubled kid depends on what you define troubled as, I guess I should tell you a little about me before I start. I’ve basically been independent since I was fifteen before I went threw a series of divorces and schools. When I turned fifteen I moved in with my dad but he was never around and my mom never really talked to me much so yea. Anyways then my little brother moved in with us a year later and I’ve pretty much raised him since. I have a job I am a MMA fighter and I train people and help professional train and I’m pretty good I travel all over the states with my team that is like the only family I’ve had. After I transferred to Frank my first week here I met Mr. Hawley my first block teacher, when asked me if I snowboarded. I had never gone before let alone been on one, then he told me about the incentive program here. At first I was oh ok that’s kool I probably won’t qualify for that but that sound like fun. Then he signed me up and outfitted me and I was like dam is this for real? I’ve never really gotten things for free like that everything I have I’ve worked for it. One my first trip up there we came around the corner and I was so excited to get on the mountain. I hadn’t had so much fun in such a long time. I was with my friends laughing having a good time feeling the wind in my face it was like I got to let go for while. Since then I’ve gone twice and it was amazing. I know now that I have definitely found something that I can do and look forward to going on a regular basis. And I have to Thank Mr. Hawley id give you a hug if I wasn’t writing this letter. You weren’t lying when you said it was amazing up there I had such a great time I cant wait to go back if I could I would live up there and just board everyday. And a huge thanks to Bogus Basin for letting us come up and giving us gear. Keep doing what you guys are doing good thing will come back. And everyone that supports Frank Church no matter how big or small you all helped us by giving us a chance. I had never thought that I would be so excited about the snow haha. Thanks to everyone who made this possible Mr. Hawley especially im sure it was hard to get this program started and you persevered. Even though you don’t know it but it gives me hope. Like if heard good things will come back and I appreciate everything you help me more than you know.

-Giving Us a Chance