Dear Incentive program supporters
First off I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. At home we are tight on money and there isn’t really any room for just random things let alone a whole trip up to bogus ski area. I had tried to get some kind of chance to get up there, due to me never of gone snowboarding I truly wanted to. All of my friends talked about how they couldn’t wait for their trip up there and it made me want to go even more than before. I continually just drug on hearing everyone talking about bogus.

When one of my close friends told me that there was a program that I could join that would pay for a whole trip I thought that it was a joke. When I found out that I really could if I just got my grades up to a B or better I went straight to all of my teachers. I brought my grades up from one F and three C’s up to two A’s and two B’s. after getting them up we still had about two and a half weeks till we went on the trip. I was checking my grades literally everyday.

I absolutely could not get my mind off of going up to go snowboarding. I was looking up at the mountain every chance I got. When I got my report card in the mail it was the first time I knew that my grades were good enough to not worry about getting in to trouble with my parents. When I started to get my gear for the trip I kept trying to show people my stuff that I had already showed them, due to me running out of people to show because I was so excited. The day before the trip I put all of my stuff together and I couldn’t sleep.

the next morning I was waiting at the door with all of my stuff before my dad even was up to start getting ready for work. P.S he is up more than an hour before I am. on the way up the mountain with all of my friends that I was jealous of before, I was absolutely having the time of my life and we weren’t even snowboarding yet. As we stopped at the top I got butterflies in my stomach, and a big grin. Then we started to take the classes for beginner and that is probably the one thing that help me get up onto my board.

I caught on really fast though and after the lesson i pretty much had a hang of it. Not to say I didn’t fall cause I did but it was funny. I skipped the lunch break just because I was having to much fun to stop. That day will always be one of the funnest days that I have ever had. And it was just as fun the second and third time I went. I kept my grades up for all three times and it was absolutely worth every second of doing work for every second on that mountain. Since the three trips I have kept my grades up to where they were because I made a promise and Mr. Hawley kept his promises it is only fair that I do. Once again I would like to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I wouldn’t of been able to do it with out you.

– From the Bottom of my Heart