Dear Bogus and Incentive Program,
If it wasn’t for the incentive program, Bogus, and all your help, I never would have gone to the mountains, or get all the things that I have. This program has also helped me with clothes and shoes, or anything that I need really plus they help kids keep their grades up so that they can go do fun things. That is why it was so exciting when I got to go to the mountains because, I have never been to the mountains until March 6, 2013 and it was amazing, considering I lived in Oklahoma before this and we don’t have mountains there so it was crazy fantastic! Not to mention I have never been skiing before either, so I was full of new experiences. One experience you guys aloud me was freedom through skiing, because you guys take the time to help kids who don’t have the funds to be able to do things like that. Going up there was the best experience of all my life; I got to see so much that you can’t see from the Valley. You have given me a new sport to explore in so many different ways. I could even switch to snowboarding if I ever got bored, but I doubt that because these two sports are limitless. The sports just open more variety then you would ever expect. You honestly never know what you will get when you go up, it can be all nice and clear. Or you can be up there and it be all dusty and snowing like crazy. Anyway it happens you can always count on having a good time, you can never run out of things to do. You will always learn something new by enjoying these two sports. I mean you can even turn the sports into a career if you were dedicated enough! Every time you go up there it is like heaven, you it always so white and beautiful, you look at things from a different perspective up there. When you look up from the Valley, its lame but when you actually get up there it changes everything. It o[pens your eyes to everything around you because it is so mesmerizing. Then you can look down at the Valley and it looks gorgeous. Another bonus of being up there skiing and just mobbing, it takes all your stress away! That gives kids hope and helps keep them out of trouble because you have no worry when you’re up there. It’s a place to be free, and a place to be you and get away from everything. It’s almost like there are no restrictions. It is only you and the snow and no one can tell you it’s not. Bogus is just such a peaceful and life changing place to be. By life changing you learn new things and get exercise your body isn’t used to. You can learn new things everyday if you really wanted to, I mean there is nothing you couldn’t do with just these two sports alone. So thank you for giving me this opportunity, it means a lot more then you probably thing it does. This letter is one way of me showing it. Hopefully I can show also how much it means to me by me getting to go up there a lot more. I would love to continue going as much as possible. Now that I have been up there once already I am ready to go again. It is just so much fun and I just never want to stop! I might even try to get a job up there, or become and instructor just so hat I have a reason to go up there and ski. That would give me the chance to help someone else find the awesomeness in the sport of skiing. I just want to open people eyes so that also see how amazing it is. So thank you and cant wait to get up there again.

– Crazy Fantasic