Dear Bogus Basin,
Thank you so much for giving my school the opportunity to go up there and ski/snowboard for free. Im 15 years old and I go to Frank Church High School. When I heard about the snowboarding trip on the announcements I thought “i would never have the money to pay for a trip” but since you guys payed for it all, I got the chance of a life time. I got my own gear for christmas but I never got to use it this season due to money.

When I first got all my stuff ready for the trip I was super excited but super nervous at the same time. I was scared I was going to fall and hurt my self like I did last season when I went with the Boise Schools JROTC. I went in February with my school and I had a lot of fun. I was waiting for the 2nd trip to come so I could go again.

These trips help me out in school a lot. The first trip I didnt do much. I just had to get papers signed by my parents. The 2nd trip, I had to work a lot harder. I had a couple missing assignments in my math class and I finished them in 1 period and turned them all in, so my teacher would sign that I could go. These trip are my motivation to do better in school so I can get rewarded by something I love to do; snowboard.

Bogus Basin is a great place to be. I love being away from Boise, and not having to worry about anything down in the valley. When ever im up snowboarding, I dont worry about anything. I dont think about my phone, which I use too much. I dont think about a cigarette and I love that I dont need one while im up there. Snowboarding has helped me a lot this year, and I am so thankful to have these trips. Im sad that the last one will hopefully be in april. But next year if we get this opportunity again I will be going to every trip with my school.

Thank you Bogus, so much for this opportunity. I get to better my self at snowboarding, takes some of my depression away, and I dont even need a cigarette. I think bogus is a great place to be and I cant wait to be up on the mountian again soon!
-Bogus Basin is a Great Place