Dear Incentives Program Supporters,
Thank you to everyone who helped me get up to Bogus. I am a Senior at Frank Church High School. I wouldn’t have been able to experience snowboarding if it wasn’t for your help. I’ve always wanted to try snowboarding but being in a single income family, and being the only member of my family interested in it, it was a luxury we could not afford. I got my first snowboard when I was 13. It was my one and only Christmas present that year. But Instead of shredding the nicely groomed, mystical slopes of Bogus, my mom thought it would be a good idea to have me try and learn on hard packed, rough sled hills. My dreams of being a snowboarder were crushed because I wasn’t able to learn on those hills. But recently, with the help of donations from Bogus, independent donors, and Mr. Hawley, I went snowboarding for the first time in years. I was a beginner at the start and have since gone 3 times, each improving more and more. During the winter, I get really bored and just sleep a lot. I start to slack off in school and with this program, I agreed to keep a B average as long as I could go on the snowboarding trips. Being so close to graduation, I needed this extra bit of motivation to stay on task and keep my grades up. Now all my grades are perfect and I can also shred comfortably but still have a long ways to go. Snowboarding has become the newest part of my life and I’m so happy that I have a new hobby that I can do during the winter! Bogus has gained yet another snowboarder who will be boarding till I no longer can. Thank you for the opportunity to go up to Bogus and learn the right way!


-B-Average Boarder