Our Kids

The voices of our students are powerful – their raw, deeply personal words communicate the need for and value of Helping High in a way nothing else can.  Students share details of hardship but also express the profound relief, support and inspiration they experience through incentives.

By sharing their stories, students provide teachers and supporters with critical insight.  We need the knowledge they give us in order to create effective educational programs for student success.  By asking about and truly listening to our students, we start a dialog and relationship that shows we have our students’ best interests at heart.  We want for students what they want for themselves now and we hope all our students will share our dream of a well-educated future for them.

Inquiring about students’ circumstances, showing compassion, and attempting to provide relief is an innovative educational approach.  Many of our students have never been shown this level of consideration by anyone at all.  Hear what they have to say about what Helping High means to them.