Incentive Approach

We try to provide struggling teens with basics such as food, clothing etc. because it is the right thing to do – plain and simple. But we do this in the form of an incentive because we want these teens to stay in school and be able to provide for themselves in the future.

We strike individual deals with students, one at a time. Depending on where the student needs to improve – grades, attendance, behavior – and depending on what they want and need, we will sit down together and set the terms. We sign a contract. For example, one student agrees to get at least Bs in all his classes in exchange for a bike he needs to get to work. Another student agrees to perfect attendance for the rest of the semester in return for a blanket and a gift card for Ross.

Our incentives help create a positive dynamic between students and teachers in classroom environments that can sometimes be strained by the emotions and hardships FCHS kids carry with them. Showing real empathy and offering to help changes so much. The positive atmosphere can be felt school wide.