Impact of Program

In part, we measure our success by the number of kids we are able to serve. Every incentive we give — and every contract we sign — makes an impact.


Currently, our program supports approximately 100 students annually. Over the past 5 years, we have touched the lives of over 500 teens and their families.

Students are performing to the terms of their contracts, improving on objective metrics such as standardized test scores, and we have seen a reduction in drop-outs. Before starting Helping High, the dropout rate in the pilot classroom was 46%. Two years into the program, the dropout rate was 33% – a reduction of 28%.

As we often remind our students, the financial value of a high school education is significant. Based on US Census data from 2006, median annual earnings for male high school graduates are 53% higher than those of dropouts – $11,065 more ($31,715 vs. $20,650). Female high school graduates earn, on average, 56% more than dropouts – $7,395 more ($22,151 vs. $13,255).